Welcome To Our Website!


Our designed Wee Bitty Dog Fashions ...and SO Much More! website is here!

Please bear with us as we get all our Fashions online and work out any technical glitches!

In the meantime, please Contact Us and watch our Facebook / Instagram Pages for new styles and Events!


  • Towards Zero-Waste

    Wee Bitty Dog Fashions ...and SO Much More strives to use each and every last piece of fabric and material. We up-cycle and aim to be a zero-waste small business!

  • Local, Local, Local!

    We are a small, locally owned and operated business located in Humboldt County, the heart of the Redwoods.

  • Events! Fittings! More!

    You won't just see us on Facebook and Instagram! We are out and about throughout Humboldt County at craft fairs, other small locally-owned businesses, and more!

Our Story, Our Inspiration